Health agency looks for source of illnesses after Quincy Schools passes air and water tests

QUINCY — Air and water contamination at Quincy schools are not the source of illnesses reported among less than 10 Quincy middle and high School students, according to reports received last week by Quincy Superintendent Marc Kramer.

Quincy Community SchoolsQuincy Community Schools

Quincy Community Schools

Staff at the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Health agency will complete its survey this week and continue its investigation into the cause of the symptoms, health agency information officer Kris Dewey said Monday.

Two parents went to the health agency on Feb. 15 to raise concerns after their children had seizures, tremors, ticks, and twitches.

Others complained to the school board on Feb. 19, then reported to the health agency.

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The complaints said the children suffered neurological health issues. School and health officials said not all symptoms were the same.

The health agency developed an online confidential survey.

Kris Dewey, BHSJ Health Agency spokespersonKris Dewey, BHSJ Health Agency spokesperson

Kris Dewey, BHSJ Health Agency spokesperson

Dewey said, “The online survey tool link was provided to Quincy Middle and High School students’ families in a letter from the agency last week.”

Responses were due Monday night. Once received, “we can begin the process of sorting through the data to identify cases,” Dewey said.

The health agency did not say if the students are still showing signs of the illnesses.

Epidemiologists will see if any of these cases might be related and try to determine the causes of the illnesses. 

The school became the focus as a source of the illnesses because all were students in the upper grades at Quincy.

The superintendent found companies to test school air and water. Water samples were collected at the schools on Feb. 21.

Superintendent Marc KramerSuperintendent Marc Kramer

Superintendent Marc Kramer

Kramer said Trace Analytical Laboratories provided results on March 1, which showed no contamination above Federal Safe Water Act levels.

Kramer posted the test results on the school system website.

Quinjcy Water Tests Quincy Schools Water Quality Tests

Synthetic organic chemical tests take over two weeks for results and will be provided when complete.

The school continues to provide bottled water.

Kramer said tests “so far showed no issues with the water supply at our schools and that it is safe for consumption.”

Michigan Air and Mold conducted indoor air quality testing. Tests also looked at dust, debris, mold, and gases.

Results released Feb 29 “showed no issues with our indoor air quality,” Kramer reported. He also posted that report online.

Quincy Air Test Results from Quincy Schools Air Test

On Feb. 21, the health agency’s environmental staff walked through the combined buildings for a visual inspection.

The report provided to Kramer and the district said no obvious concerns were visible. According to the report, health agency environmental staff observed no evidence of any active rodent infestation or water infiltration with damage to building materials.

Kramer addressed false social media comments about rodents in the schools.

The superintendent said in his statement sent to parents and posted on the school website, “After collecting information from our custodial supervisor, food service director, and our pest management company, we do not have any record of a rodent in the building this school year and we are not aware of any infestation.”

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Kramer said, “The health and safety of our school community remains a priority.”

Quincy Community Schools will monitor the health agency investigation.

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